Mobile apps have proven to be one of our most reliable defenders against COVID-19. There was a silver lining in the dark times of mobile apps and modern communication technology. The mobile apps have helped lower the Corona turmoil, according to Impiger Technologies, among other mobile app development companies.

Looking for the next big app idea to become the next million-dollar app? Here are 20+ innovative app development ideas you should look for!

In 2021, there will be roughly 7 billion mobile users, who will spend most of their time on mobile apps. With the increasing popularity of mobile apps, applications have become a major part of everyone’s life. However, choosing the right mobile app development is important. If you are looking for the best mobile application development company in Canada, you can reach out to I Can Infotech. Everything from shopping, booking a doctor’s appointment, taking fitness classes, ordering groceries, to booking a restaurant table is now available at your fingertips.

Key Figures for Mobile App Development Usage and Revenue

  • The forecast from the reports, reveals that average smartphone users install 60–90 apps and use one app on daily basis, and usually spend 2 hours 15 minutes on mobile applications.
  • According to the source, by 2022, app store consumer spending is projected to increase by 92% to $157 billion worldwide.
  • In the top three apps, users spend 77% of their time, with the rest of their time spent on the top ten trending apps.
  • 87% of users check their phone for at least an hour before they go to sleep, and 69% check it within five minutes of going to sleep.
  • 75% of apps are open once and users never come back, so it is important to have a billion app ideas and make them developed smartly to deliver an excellent user experience.
  • In the Google Play Store, 100,000 new Android apps are released every month, which is three times greater than the number of apps published in the App Store.
  • It is estimated that consumers downloaded 204 billion apps in 2019 and that number is quickly reaching new heights during this lockdown.

Mobile app ideas 2021

Business Apps Ideas:

1. Augmented Reality For eCommerce Apps

A simple eCommerce app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology can take these statistics to another level. Using technology like this, you can quickly switch from your real-world environment to a digital interface by simply combining the virtual objects with real-time information. Check out how we integrated AR in Mashatel for identifying plants by clicking a picture of it.

2. AI-Based Chatbots

Provide instant answers to your customers’ questions to improve your customer relations. Due to the increasing competition in the market, users have a multitude of options to choose from, so they are never waiting for your response for too long when visiting your app or website. In that case, AI-driven Chatbots will help you answer their questions and add live chat support to your app.

3. Reservations & Appointments 

In a fast-paced society, where technology is booming, no one has time to wait outside their favorite restaurant on a weekend evening. In that case, you can offer a solution to the users by simply offering them a mobile app through which they can book a table in a restaurant of their choice, at a time and day of their choosing.

4. Book lovers Community App

Are you looking for innovative Edutech app ideas? For book lovers, book-sharing apps can be a great option. Not all book lovers are wealthy enough to be able to afford a monthly library membership and visit it so frequently. Pandemic created whole new aspects of book reading and now it’s extremely needed to connect book lovers in smaller city-based communities to exchange books, ideas, and emotions.

5. E-teaching platforms with very specific content or segment 

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic wave has reshaped the entire education system and shifted traditional schools online. In order to cope with their curriculum, many students have to take additional classes. Edtech is one of the most favorite sectors for investors in 2021 so far.

6. Dating Apps

Those days are gone when finding a soulmate was the biggest challenge. Due to online dating apps, people are more comfortable and flexible in talking to new people and making new friends. The online dating segment is expected to reach $2,725M in 2020 with an annual growth rate of 11.6%. 

7. Virtual Travelling Apps

On one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a great pause on international and domestic traveling and caused a significant loss to the travel sector. Virtual traveling apps, on the other hand, can open up new business opportunities. You can easily create virtual tour applications by utilizing the features and functionalities of emerging technology (Virtual Reality).

8. Music and Song Recognition Application

Other than Song Recognition apps like Shazam, which already offer a wide range of features, including the ability to quickly identify songs and watch them on YouTube.

But it is possible to take this concept to the next level by simply modifying it and adding the feature of creating in-app music libraries and moving songs directly to the music streaming app on the iPhone.

9.  Criminal Security Alert App

Everyone wants to be protected and altered from criminals around them. How will you find out about the wanted criminals in their area and identify them if they get too close?

By developing a criminal security alert app, you can notify users of the location of wanted criminals along with a database of criminal activities mentioned by users and professionals.

10. Blockchain and IoT Security Enhancing Apps

As crime rates rise, everyone is taking extra precautions to keep their belongings safe. Wi-Fi-enabled security systems and devices are widely used by shop owners and the general public alike. Whether it be answering the door, monitoring the activities of the locker/safe, or viewing the camera footage, all of this can be done on a  smartphone.

11. Virtual Shopping App With AR

Can you imagine trying on your favorite clothes without actually going to the store? Thanks to Augmented Reality, it is now possible to create an eCommerce store where customers can choose clothes from a wide range of collections and virtually try them on to see if they fit. Users can save a lot of time that they usually spend in stores and in queues in order to enter changing rooms using this app.

12. Virtual Health Checkup App

Creating a Virtual Health Checkup App is another great way to add success to your business. COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the way we keep track of our health records; hence, launching an app that virtually monitors and communicates with patients at their homes, facilitating communication between quarantined people, and offering healthcare services can be a great idea for startups.

13. Motivational and Inspirational Idea App

In the world of startups, creating an app that inspires users to create something unique and creative is one of the great ideas. People of all ages are constantly looking for new and interesting ideas, whether it is about home interiors, styling, beauty, decorations, or even party themes.

14. Use and Return App

It happens in life that such things are needed for a certain amount of time or for a one-time event. Many of you are afraid to spend such an expensive amount on that product. Developing a platform that offers various options for loaning items can be a great idea for startups. Whether it is for a day or a month, you can list items at any time.

15. Wine Guiding App

Despite the rapid growth of the wine industry, finding the best wine among a wide range of options is sometimes one of the most challenging tasks for consumers. This is where a wine guiding app will help users choose a wine that suits their taste.

16. Online On-demand Consulting Application

One of the best ideas for making money in 2021 is to create an On-demand consulting app. Using this app idea, you can develop a platform that provides a variety of consulting services, including lawyers, psychology sessions, mental health counseling, and embassy representatives. By using online consulting services, users can not only save time but can also receive services in real time. 

17. AR for Virtual Schooling

The global lockdown of COVID-19 has driven the education system to virtual schooling and provided kids with a safe and secure learning environment. Using an AR virtual schooling app, teachers can share a link with kids via email or a web platform, create a virtual classroom, and interact with students without hassle.

18. App Suggesting Money Investment Ideas

The most common area that comes to mind when investing money is real estate. But where else?

The investors should not rely on the advice of any random person, but rather be provided a reliable platform where they will be able to discover potential investment ideas by consulting directly with market experts.

19. Event and Party Planning App

The concept of developing an event and party planning app is quite similar to the concept of modern wedding planning apps. The app could be a brilliant idea in 2021 as it will enable users to hire the best event planners, musicians, decorators, and more in order to manage an event with limited funds and gatherings.

Adding the option to suggest a different type of location for a destination wedding theme, gathering, and budget can make it extremely functional. In addition, since it is an event and party planning app, it is not limited to wedding planning ideas.

20. Housekeeper Finding App

Users usually find finding housekeepers who can easily handle the task to be one of the biggest challenges during peak season. A housekeeping finder app would be a great idea for startups.

You should ensure the app offers a variety of services, including cooking, house cleaning, dog walking, dusting, painting, and gardening. It is also important that listed service providers undergo thorough background checks and ensure safe and secure services.


Regardless of which app idea you choose to develop, the success of the app depends on the skills of the development team and the experience that they bring to the process.

Wondering how you can use these trends for your business? Reach us now. While technology has emerged in several countries, the Canada is one of the hubs of Information Technology solution providers. So, choosing the top mobile app development company in Canada can take a while.  Our mobile app development team of experts will guide you with the end-to-end process. Let’s connect.

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