It’s easy to see why Shopify has a great reputation. Beginners will find it easy to use, affordable, and fast. It also has all the features you need to start an ecommerce business-and I do mean all. Although Shopify offers everything from hosting to payment processing out of the box, it isn’t the only option

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Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn in China

Microsoft Shutting own LinkedIn in China!

Microsoft is shutting down its social network, LinkedIn, in China, saying having to comply with the Chinese state has become increasingly challenging. It comes after the career-networking site faced questions for blocking the profiles of some journalists. LinkedIn will launch a jobs-only version of the site, called InJobs, later this year. But this will not

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Anyone who gets accepted into the Spark program is expected to run an audio room two times a week for the three-month period. They’ll be compensated $2,500 a month — a flat rate not dictated by the Space’s performance — and granted monthly ad credits to boost their show. Anyone who signs on to the program will have the added benefit of getting promoted by Twitter’s accounts in tweets and discovery features. “We recognize the hard work it takes to create audio content that’s compelling, engaging, and keeps people coming back,” the company wrote in the Spark program announcement. “And above all else, we believe in the potential of people’s ideas and the potential of live social audio, and we see an opportunity to help audio content Creators — like you — take off.” Twitter users interested in building out a bi-weekly Twitter-backed audio project can apply with the company by October 22. Accepted applicants will get notified by in early November.

Twitter Launches Spark Audio Creator Program to Boost Spaces

Twitter is deepening its investment in Spaces, the Clubhouse-like audio rooms the social network launched this year. The company announced the launch of a new creator program for Spaces on Tuesday. The Spark program is a three-month accelerator that aims to “discover and reward great Spaces on Twitter with financial, technical, and marketing support.” Twitter says it’s

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