Google Will Deindex Pages If Site Is Down For Several Days

Google Will Deindex Pages If Site Is Down For Several Days

Google Search will begin to deindex your web pages if your site is down for more than a couple of days. Google will begin to deindex your pages from search results if your website experiences more than a couple of days of downtime. This is stated by Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller during the Google

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local SEO updates will have a big impact on your 2022 planning

7 Local SEO Updates That Impact On Your 2022 Planning

Find out what local consumer behaviors, new tools, and industry insights will impact your 2022 strategy. Knowing the changes in local search throughout 2021 will help you adjust your 2022 local SEO strategy accordingly. Considering the many updates and changes coming up in 2021, what should you know? 1. Google Business Profile Made Local SEO

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Google | I Can Infotech

Google Announces New Deals Sections, Promotional Tools and Expanded Reporting Ahead of the Holiday Shopping Season

Promotions uploaded via Google Merchant Center are automatically surfaced to shoppers, regardless of whether the merchant advertises on Google. As retailers prepare for the holiday shopping season, Google is launching new sections in its search results to showcase deals, rolling out tools to highlight promotions, and expanding reporting capabilities in Google Merchant Center, the company

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brand consistency

Brand Consistency: Trends to Watch in Effective Brand Building

Brands are part of business outreach that connects directly with an audience. A great brand can go a long way to prove to customers and clients that you offer what they’re looking for. When we think about better ways to approach this crucial element of business, brand consistency proves to be the most impactful variable

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Email Marketing Service

Restaurant Email Marketing: Best Strategies to Boost Sales

It is more difficult for small businesses to compete and earn loyal customers because of global brands such as Chilli’s, Pizza Hut, and many more. The most cost-effective form of marketing for small businesses is email marketing. When you own or manage a restaurant, your ultimate goal is to stand out in a competitive environment

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Post-COVID Marketing Era

Prepare For The Post-COVID Marketing Era With these 5 Trends

Most of us feel that 2021 is going to be the same old same old. We still wear our masks and work from home. Despite different testing and quarantine rules, international travel is still a challenge. In the US, India, the UK, and other countries, we do see a ray of sunshine due to the

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Search Console Insights

Google Launches Search Console Insights

Google Search Console Insights is designed to help site owners understand which content resonates with their audience and how they find it. Google is introducing a new experience called Search Console Insights which is designed to help site owners better understand their audience. This experience joins data from both Search Console and Google Analytics in

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Retail Business to Digital Business | I Can Infotech

How You Can Transform Your Retail Business to Digital Business

The spread of the Coronavirus has affected the entire world. In the event that the pandemic isn’t controlled rapidly, the world economy is probably going to confront the danger of a worldwide downturn. It has in the long run hindered the development of the retail industry and affected offline retailers. This is the place where

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google-core-update- 2021 |

All You Need To Know About Google June 2021 Core Update

But there is more to come, part two of the core update is coming next month – it will be called the July 2021 Core Update. A new broad core update began rolling out Wednesday – this one named the June 2021 Core Update, Google’s search liason Danny Sullivan announced, adding that we should also

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Post covid Digital world

Customer Behavior Towards Digital First Due to Covid

As the pandemic closes down the actual world, everybody is accepting that the digital world will step in and fill the gap. Yet, is that practical?  Customer’s behavior toward digital-first due to Covid has made innovation pioneers among the most multi-dimensional in which organisations have needed to hook. Virtually overnight, they have been approached to

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