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Technology has changed the face of many businesses. It has revolutionized the way products were sold or customers were targeted.  Technology is not static, it keeps changing or better say developing. Every second day we are introduced to new technology. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are among the technologies that have gained popularity...


Source: dataversity The exponential growth of data, partly generated by sensor-driven devices, is making Data Science and machine learning (ML) market differentiators in global business-analytics solutions. With the rising demand in Data Science and ML skills, 2020 may well be a witness to several new trends in the field. According to IDC: “[I]f our digital universe or...


Source: itpro Next-generation drones could be powered by artificial intelligence software inspired by how bees adapt to and navigate their surroundings, That’s because scientists from Sheffield University have demonstrated how they are reverse engineering bee brains to create a drone prototype that’s influenced by the flying insects’ ability to navigate accurately over several kilometres and learn environmental...

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