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With the help of mobile devices, online shopping has increased consumer purchasing power in recent years. According to an IBM report, mobile traffic accounted for 45 percent of all online traffic for the 2014 holiday season.

The next frontier of mobile e-commerce has arrived.

Online Shopping

Smartphone penetration is contributing to the growth of the industry. People with smartphones represent 25% of the global population. Ecommerce mobile apps are likely to grow in popularity as these devices become more accessible.

Businesses can engage their customers with a better shopping experience by leveraging smartphones.

It is imperative for online store owners to have not only a well-designed mobile website but also an app to provide customers with more shopping benefits.

Inefficient and unresponsive online stores drive away mobile customers. If you don’t offer a mobile-friendly experience, you may lose some serious revenue.

Here’s how you can benefit.


Customers Like Ecommerce Mobile App

Ecommerce Mobile apps offer a wide range of opportunities for online businesses. Create an engaging shopping experience by building mobile apps that are integrated with your website. Apps let businesses send instant push notifications instead of daily, intrusive emails that may cause consumers to unsubscribe. Providing information about new products and discounts can improve customer engagement by keeping notifications relevant.

As technology evolves, e-commerce apps will continue to grow. The retailers have the responsibility of making the purchasing process easier for all parties involved. Mobile ecommerce is popular with customers. Consider a mobile strategy that facilitates a better consumer experience in order to capitalize on this opportunity. You can increase your market share by satisfying your customers’ desires and monitoring your competitors’ efforts.

Gain Customer Loyalty With Mobile Apps

Even with creative marketing strategies, it can be difficult to create brand loyalists. With mobile apps, you can foster brand loyalty among your customers. Build trust with your buyers. Provide special offers during holidays and special occasions, such as birthdays. Provide excellent customer service without being pushy. Mobile apps that are user-friendly help drive customer participation. In addition, your team can collect relevant data about your loyal customers.

SoLoMo (social, local and mobile) is the union of collaborative, location-based and on-the-go technologies. With these applications, your business can push notifications to customers who are nearby. Example SoLoMo apps include Yelp and AroundMe. These same mechanisms are now incorporated into search engine queries. Based on research by comScore, 78 percent of mobile searches result in a purchase. Shoppers feel that it is easier to search for products via mobile applications‐creating a new revenue stream for companies.

Build associated services into your app to differentiate your business. For example, Old Navy lets customers create wishlists. Additionally, Old Navy customers can take a photo of the brand’s logo from printed ads to access additional coupons. Capital One’s mobile app, which includes a free credit monitoring tool, is another example. It allows cardholders to view their credit scores. Consumers can also redeem their rewards for an account credit or cool merchandise through the banking app.

Create An Attractive Mobile User Interface

Your mobile app should have a great user interface. Many features don’t necessarily translate to success. An attractive interface makes it less likely that customers will uninstall. Poor user interfaces won’t be opened more than five times, according to experts. In mobile ecommerce apps, showing products and prices won’t be enough. For customers to view product videos, compare similar products, and read reviews, companies need an easy-to-use navigation interface. Provide your customers with a seamless mobile shopping experience. Make it easy for the person to order gifts for a bridal shower, buy school clothes for their kids, or order cleaning services for their home.

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Here’s an example of eBay’s mobile app interface:

Mobile app development is hampered by the payment system. App users are skeptical about the purchase process. Some refuse to input their credit card information.

PayPal and Amazon Payments help to dwindle suspicion in the payment process. In the end, make your customers feel comfortable with your mobile payment system.

Mobile Apps Help In-Store Sales

Through the integration of multiple channels, mobile apps promote a better shopping experience in-store. Integrating a digital index into your physical store can improve the customer experience and increase sales. Using an app-based QR, in-store customers can learn more about products. You could even direct buyers to similar products. Additionally, mobile apps can trigger unplanned purchases. Retailers can use shopping behavior data from apps to make targeted suggestions based on previous purchases. Offers of coupons for unplanned items are highly receptive.

Be Bold. Go Mobile

Stay in touch with your customers with a mobile ecommerce app. Offer consumers weekly deals and the chance to share product reviews with fellow buyers. Businesses that are smart understand the complexities of mobile ecommerce. Make use of Ecommerce mobile apps to engage and retain your customers. Mobile app development is hampered by the payment system. App users are skeptical about the purchase process. Some refuse to input their credit card information.PayPal and Amazon Payments help to dwindle suspicion in the payment process. In the end, make your customers feel comfortable with your mobile payment system.

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