AI stands for artificial intelligence and represents IT technology whereby computers can imitate human behavior and decision-making through complex machine learning algorithms. The concept of AI seemed very fictional not so long ago, but now it has become a mainstay in all our technology. The advancement of AI has brought a lot of innovation to many industries and applications and has transformed how they work. For example, in the automobile industry, AI has increased driver protection through autonomous car safety.

Mobile applications are prevalent in this day and age where AI has brought a lot of improvements. But how exactly has artificial intelligence transformed the app development process? How has it improved the user experience? In this article, we will discuss exactly that. Let’s dive in.

AI Contributions to Mobile App Development and User Experience

For the most part, AI has made the development of mobile applications complex by adding several layers for it. However, adding these layers means a better user experience which is the main goal for developers. AI has contributed in several ways to app development and user experience. Some of these ways are listed below.

Facial Recognition Software

Mobile phone security is crucial as there is a lot of sensitive data stored on people’s phones. Traditionally, users would unlock their phones through PINs or passcodes. However, these were quickly discoverable by keen observers, making them unsafe. With facial recognition software, such a problem is surpassed because the phone will unlock only when the user is trying to access it.

Devs can also integrate facial recognition software into specific applications. These make use of AI to identify a person’s face. This software can be complex to integrate for developers as it has to be secure and reliable. However, for the most part, this technology has improved significantly. Additionally, it has improved the user experience by speeding up unlocking times.

Voice Command

Voice command software has transformed the way search engines work on your phone. These use AI and machine learning to detect your voice and understand any commands you want it to search. This eliminates the need to type your commands manually or even unlock your phone.

This can be useful for various situations, such as when you are driving. Even with other applications like e-commerce-based ones, devs can integrate virtual assistants to help customers through voice recognition. This makes it incredibly accessible for users who have disabilities.

Smart Camera Recognition

This is one area where AI and machine learning algorithms have made a lot of progress. These applications can look at any object within the camera frame and then identify it. Various applications can make use of this smart recognition. For example, a health and fitness application can identify the calorie count in any food displayed in a frame.[sc name=”digitaltransformation”]

These applications can even recognize facial features or objects and enhance them for better images and photos. Such a feature could be valuable for Instagram users for whom high-quality images will produce better results.

Personalized Recommendations

Another great feature that AI has introduced in mobile applications is providing personalized recommendations. The machine learning algorithms will look at a user’s search and purchase history and give them recommendations according to their taste. This can improve the user experience by showing them things that are likely to be of interest.

However, developers should implement this smartly because the applications will put users off if the recommendations are too intrusive. Additionally, there should be some form of way that users can provide feedback so the AI can understand the recommendations that users are not interested in.

The bottom line

AI has transformed various industries and applications, including mobile app development and user experience. This is primarily through machine learning algorithms that can make smart decisions that can improve these applications.

We have seen how this has added more complexity to app development, ultimately resulting in a better user experience. We have seen some ways that AI has contributed to these factors too. If you have any doubts or concerns, a mobile app development company in Canada like I Can Infotech can help you. We hope this article has provided you with insight into the advancement AI has made and the immense potential it holds.

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