Real-time anomaly detection in industrial processes

Empower proactive maintenance, prevent downtime, and prioritize worker safety with intelligent anomaly detection.
Introducing Aethon, a revolutionary mobile app powered by edge AI that transforms anomaly detection in industrial processes. By leveraging the power of your smartphone or tablet, Aethon analyzes sensor data from your equipment in real-time, identifying deviations from normal operating patterns that might indicate potential failures or safety hazards. This proactive approach empowers you to prevent costly downtime, optimize maintenance schedules, and prioritize worker safety.

Here’s how Aethon empowers your industrial operations

Real-Time Sensor Data Analysis

Gain instant insights into key equipment parameters like vibration, temperature, pressure, and flow rates. Aethon empowers data-driven decisions for proactive maintenance and anomaly mitigation.

Advanced Anomaly Detection

Leverage AI algorithms trained on vast datasets of industrial sensor data to identify subtle deviations from normal operating conditions. Aethon empowers early detection of potential equipment failures before they occur.

Predictive Maintenance Scheduling

Prioritize maintenance tasks based on real-time anomaly detection and predicted equipment degradation. Aethon empowers you to optimize resource allocation and prevent unplanned downtime.

Enhanced Worker Safet

Identify potential safety hazards early on, such as overheating or pressure fluctuations. Aethon empowers you to create a safer work environment for your personnel.

The Power of Edge AI on the Factory Floor

On-Device Data Processing

Sensor data from your machines is analyzed directly on your device using edge AI. This ensures real-time anomaly detection, minimizes reliance on a central server, and prioritizes data security.

Lightweight and Efficient

The edge AI processing capability is optimized for mobile devices. Aethon allows for convenient data collection and analysis throughout your facility.

Offline Functionality

Continue monitoring equipment health even with limited internet connectivity. Aethon stores data locally on the device and synchronizes it later when reconnected.

The Power of Edge AI on the Factory Floor By I Can Infotech AI Software Development Agency in Canada

Aethon : Designed for Seamless Integration

Simple Setup

The app offers a user-friendly interface for effortless pairing with your industrial sensor networks. Get started on your anomaly detection journey in minutes.

Customizable Dashboards

Personalize your dashboard to display the most relevant sensor data for specific equipment types and operational needs. Aethon empowers you to focus on critical process parameters.

Scalable Courses

Aethon caters to manufacturing facilities of all sizes. We offer flexible plans that adapt to the number of machines, sensor types, and desired level of data visualization.

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Unlock the True Potential of Operational Efficiency and Safety

Free Trial

Experience the transformative power of Aethon with a free trial, and witness how it optimizes anomaly detection, minimizes downtime, and prioritizes worker safety.

Expert Support

Our dedicated customer support team is readily available to guide you through the setup process, answer your questions, and ensure a smooth implementation.

Aethon empowers you to leverage the power of edge AI for real-time anomaly detection in industrial processes. Prevent equipment failures, optimize maintenance schedules, and create a safer work environment for your personnel. Contact us today to learn more!

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