Hire International IT Staff Augmentation Contractors

Hire International IT Staff Augmentation Contractors from Canada and India

With I Can Infotech, you can hire, onboard, and manage IT Staff Augmentation contractors. If you’re looking to eventually hire full-time staff in Canada or USA, hiring a contractor could be an important first step in the process either to “try out” prospective employees or to test your own organization’s ability to work asynchronously. If

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IT staff augmentation trends

IT Staff Augmentation Trends in 2023

In 2023, the IT staff augmentation trend is likely to continue to grow. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to supplement their in-house IT staff with outside help to reduce costs and stay ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape. By 2023, many companies will be utilizing a mix of permanent in-house staff and short-term, project-based

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5 reasons to consider IT Staff augmentation team for your business

5 Reasons to Consider IT Staff Augmentation Team for Your Business

In a hybrid work environment, it can be challenging to consistently bring the entire team together at a specific point in time to estimate work, refine issues or plan sprints. Coordinating between busy calendars and multiple time zones is an inefficient use of time, especially when many software projects are deadline-driven. Moreover, many developers are

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How Super-apps can Changing Mobile Marketing Landscape

How Super-apps are Changing Mobile Marketing Landscape

Single-purpose apps that have dominated the market for the past decade, super apps span multiple verticals, creating a “one-stop-shop” app where users can perform many different tasks. Many of the most popular super apps in many countries like Canada, USA, India started with a single goal of encouraging uptake and mass use to cover a

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