With every new technology come ethical questions and unintended consequences. In addition to asking these questions, it’s also important to remember that humans are completely in control of how these technologies are implemented and when and where they’re restrained.

The success and failure of human beings are deeply engrained. Technologies mirror back to our humanity’s imperfections when viewed closely. The human experience can, however, be enhanced rather than diminished by technologies like artificial intelligence.

Throughout the years, digital echo chambers have been discussed extensively, and many digital platforms are now dehumanizing. They have become launching points and not communities, primarily due to humans at the helm taking it too far or for not utilizing the technologies available. All of this is part of our digital evolution.  What AI can do for us in the real and virtual world!

To create a more human digital world, we must add more humanity. How does this work? In simple terms, it’s remembering why and for whom the technology was created in the first place. It’s about striking the right balance.

Imagining a global digital community that reflects the world around us, one that is diverse and globally accessible. AI could help create a balanced, vibrant community. When they see community, they see a sense of Providing rewards for celebration and respect teaches the members how to behave in a socially acceptable manner. When a community is safe, there is space for creativity and expression, which is part of being human.

With artificial intelligence, the digital age can complement humanity like never before. Certainly, AI training for this application will undergo some learning phases, but this application creates authentic connections and bridges between cultures.

The arts are another area. With technological advancements, I believe that we should continue to elevate the arts and celebrate those who contribute to them. As an example, we’ve already seen the use of AI in long-form writing, and while I believe it is a great training tool for AI, I do not believe it will replace writers. I believe that AI can be used to find outstanding content or outstanding writers who do not yet have large fan bases. With artificial intelligence, we can translate much faster, so an author’s work becomes available almost immediately around the world. Our creative assets can also be improved with AI.Contact I Can Infotech

With artificial intelligence, we can find artists and writers we enjoy and, based on our preferences, intuit what other types of stories we will enjoy. Our exposure to the most satisfying work can be expanded with AI. This is the true democratization of creative works, AI can break down the gatekeepers and expand our world, rather than develop it into an echo chamber. If digital media has taught us anything, while big numbers do provide an element of social proof, they don’t necessarily drive passionate responses.

We are already surrounded by AI everywhere, and it is an exciting tool for creative people. AI must be used in a way that celebrates the integration of art and technology. Those of us in charge have a responsibility as well as a promise. We have learned some important lessons over the past two decades. AI will elevate humanity and enable us to achieve great things. 

 Author Name: Joey Jia

Source: The Next Web