Voice-recognition services gained huge popularity and transformed our life greatly. We no longer depend on the touchscreens of our devices and can appreciate their considerable functions hands-free. It is more comfortable than ever to manage a device using a built-in voice assistant. 

You can use your voice to do actions like search, get directions, and create reminders. For example, to see if there’s rain in the weather forecast, say, “Hey Google, do I need an umbrella tomorrow?” 

Search is a very valuable part of many applications and designers and developer teams use a lot of time to make it just right for the users. Users who search can be over three times more probable to convert than those who don’t search. And search is not only limited to eCommerce, of course. Most applications have some kind of search functionality. Are you a business owner in need of a business app? Contact I Can Infotech – As the best mobile app development company in Canada to create apps for your target audience. 

The embedded model on the contrary can be used in offline mode since it is located on your device. The main advantage is that you will not feel any app delays as it does not depend on any server. However, the embedded model implies that you need a lot of free space on your phone or tablet because all audio elements will be stored locally on your device.

Available SDKs to implement voice search

Available SDKs to implement voice search

Among SDKs, you can find several available options and therefore you may face certain difficulties while choosing which is the exact one you need. Your choice should depend directly on your purpose and project: 

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API

It allows the performance of high-quality conversion of text to speech and supports 120 languages alongside 100 voices. 

Siri Shortcuts

Using this feature you can easily create shortcuts and add your custom voice commands for the frequently used options on your device. 

Amazon Transcribe

Although it supports only English and Spanish, this tool lets you perform the conversion of speech to text and the detection of various speakers. 


A unique cross-platform voice libraries provider that works with 40+ languages and offers great voice recognition services. 

Azure Speech API

It is a project of Microsoft Corporation that performs speech-to-text and reverse conversion.

Voice is the most natural thing that lets us execute fast information exchange and set the essential level of communication. As CEO of a software development company in Canada, I’ve been keeping a close eye on this trend. I belong to 42% of smart speaker owners who have bought better than one voice-equipped device.

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