For Customer Service or FAQ Answering

Pop-up chatbots are ideal when you want to add a chatbot to a link or button on your website for assisting customers with faqs. For example, you could add a button on your pricing pages that pop up a customized pricing chatbot.

Chatbot mostly assists customers with,

  • Blog or knowledgebase link based on a questions
  • Opt-in to subscription updates
  • Links to product or service description page
  • More info on pricing
  • A way to get in touch with customer service or sales

Customers’ needs have a strong connection to their environment or the context they are situated within. Understanding this context is extremely important in providing users with a good experience. It is not only understanding a Customers’ request that matters, but also what kind of requests and intentions specific environments trigger in Customers.

Sales-driven Targeted Chatbots

Sales-driven Targeted Chatbots

Sales-driven targeted chatbots are great when you want to add chatbots across your entire website. You can build audience rules to make sure that the right visitors get the right chatbot at the right time.

Targeted chatbots use advanced rules and audiences to target specific visitors across your website. This allows you to add different bots to make sure that the right visitors get the right chatbot at the right time.

Targeted chatbots cover your whole website, targeting audiences with personalized content relevant to the page they’re viewing. Website visitors are more likely to interact with your bots if they’re targeted to the right audiences. This will result in better quality lead capture, qualification, and engagement.

Targeted chatbots are a great engagement solution for paid marketing campaigns. You can create a bot with content that’s personalized to the campaign audience or messaging.

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