USA-based companies may choose to hire resources from around the globe and relocate them to Canada for several reasons, including:

  1. Access to global talent: Hiring resources from the globe allows companies to access a wider pool of talent than they might find locally. This can be particularly important for companies that need specialized skills or expertise that are not available in their local market.
  2. Cost savings: Hiring resources from countries like India can often be more cost effective than hiring locally. This is because salaries and other labor costs are generally lower in countries with lower costs of living.
  3. Time zone advantages: Hiring resources from different time zones can provide companies with the advantage of 24/7 work cycles. This can help speed up project delivery and provide better customer support.
  4. Regulatory compliance: Hiring resources from certain countries, such as Canada, may be necessary to comply with regulatory requirements for certain industries or projects.
  5. Expansion opportunities: Hiring resources from different countries can help companies expand their global presence and reach new markets.

Overall, hiring resources from the globe and relocating them to Canada can provide USA-based companies with a range of benefits, including access to global talent, cost savings, time zone advantages, regulatory compliance, and expansion opportunities.

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