Virtual Try-On Functionality

Integrate object segmentation with a product database to allow users to virtually try on clothes, accessories, or makeup using their phone's camera.

The app segments the user's body in real-time, removes the background, and overlays the chosen product realistically, creating a more immersive shopping experience.

Enhanced Product Visualization

Utilize object segmentation to isolate products in user-uploaded photos.

Allow users to easily remove unwanted clutter or backgrounds from their photos before sharing product reviews or showcasing their purchases on social media.

This can lead to more visually appealing product content and potentially encourage user-generated content for marketing purposes.

Streamlined Product Editing for Sellers

Integrate object segmentation tools within the seller dashboard of the e-commerce platform.

Sellers can easily remove backgrounds from product photos for a clean and professional look before uploading them to the platform.

This saves sellers time and effort in photo editing software and ensures consistent product presentation across the platform.

Interactive Product Exploration

Utilize object segmentation to identify specific product elements within images on product pages.

Implement features like click-to-zoom on specific product parts or allow users to access additional information about materials, features, or care instructions by clicking on segmented object areas.

This adds an interactive layer to product exploration, providing a more engaging shopping experience for users.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Combine object segmentation with AI-powered image recognition.

Analyze user-uploaded photos to identify clothing items or accessories.

Leverage this data to recommend similar products or complementary styles, creating a more personalized shopping experience.
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Fill your home and office with greens, make them lively and fresh. Mashatel make plant delivery easy, because people need plants and the nature needs your nurture. We build complete marketplace solution along with AR technology to identify plants from photos.

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