Video transcribe machine learning solutions

Constantly trained ML models to convert audio/video files to text which can leverage artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning of your product. Our development team helps you transcribe the audio track from a video file using Speech-to-Text.

Text analysis AI development

Text mining or text analytics is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that uses natural language processing (NLP) to convert the unstructured text in records and databases into standardized, structured data appropriate for analysis or to boost machine learning (ML) algorithms.

Advance document management system

Medical transcription is an allied health profession dealing with the process of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports or data that contains medical terminology such as cardiology, neurology, obstetrics-gynecology, pediatrics, oncology, radiology, and urology. This advanced feature can associate with regular practice software or EHR to boost human-to-machine communication and advanced robotics surgery analysis.

Retail space analysis with machine learning

Data and artificial intelligence can exploit purchase data to predict inventory demands in real time. Based on the month, the season, nearby events, social media data and customer past behavior, machine learning algorithms can help you to provide advanced dashboards. Video analytics can help to get advanced analysis of in-store consumer behavior.

Smart mirror with automated retail

A smart mirror uses VR or AR to allow customers to virtually try on different styles and with the help of IOT and wearable integrations customer can directly request any specific item from the store with their phone and the store team or customer can get mackup shares suggestions based on skins and image analysis.