Every startup must always endeavor to improve app engagement. As engagement comes with many advantages for the business, you should also consider the following strategies for enhancing app engagement.

Invest in Marketing Your App

Marketing assists in building a brand for your app. Constantly making your customers aware of the presence of your app will build trust in them. Individuals will attract and want to be loyal users of your mobile app. In short, funding in marketing the app will help you improve user engagement as well as user acquisition.

Simplify the Signup Process

No one wants to spend a lot of time on the signup process. Therefore, you need to ensure that it is effortless to sign up for the app with minimal registration steps. You can also evaluate options like signup with social media platforms, emails, and phone numbers.

Such as Instagram, which also permits you to sign up through your Facebook ID and password. This creates a comfortable environment for you to sign up for Instagram within seconds.

Use Interactive Walkthrough Guides and Options to Skip Tutorials

Personalize the User Onboarding Process

The first impression is everything and when you have a long-term vision for the clients, then personalize the welcome page for your app users. You can smoothen the onboarding mobile app development process by simplifying the app interface, offering options to select their choice of interests, and incentivizing users.

By showing that the registered users are important to you, you grow high chance of engaging more clients for a long-term relationship.

Send New Users a Welcome Email, New Feature, or Product Update

With personalization, you must also welcome your recently joined users through communication channels like app push notifications and welcome emails. And if your customers have been using the app for a long time, then give them updates about the new feature and product on a convenient basis.

Sending a notification actually boosts in-app conversion rates for sales, lifetime value, engagement, and revenue. Depending on the scope of the app, you can hire mobile app developers.

Ensure Your App Demands Only Necessary Required App Permissions

Too many app permissions will make users unsure about using your app. As everyone is concerned about their privacy, you need to ensure that you are only asking for the necessary permissions, which would help you deliver your customers a personalized experience. 

For example, WhatsApp asks for permissions, like camera, contacts, and location, which are required for WhatsApp users to share.

Use Interactive Walkthrough Guides and Options to Skip Tutorials

Some users are already familiar with the app navigation, and they might not need interactive walkthrough guides. However, it is even possible that some users want to know how your app functions. Assuming both situations, implement the feature of interactive walkthrough guides as well as options to skip these tutorials to simplify the onboarding procedure. If you are looking for the best mobile app development company in Canada, you can reach out to I Can Infotech which will help your business flourish.

Implement an In-app Resource Center

Not just walkthrough guides, sometimes executing in-app guides and FAQs help clients to get quick answers to their questions. You might have seen eCommerce apps like Amazon and Flipkart using such opportunities to help customers get answers efficiently. If you need to hire an eCommerce developer, you can contact an eCommerce app development company.

Grow Feature Discovery With In-app Messages Like Tooltips

Grow Feature Discovery With In-app Messages Like Tooltips

Using in-app messages will notify users at the time of interaction with a graphical user interface element. The primary aim behind using this marketing strategy will deliver the users with additional information about a page element or the mobile app features.

Efficient User Segmentation

Users segmentation is a marketing strategy to separate a group of users based on their shared features. This helps you to target your users individually for your in-app marketing campaigns. In short, efficient user segmentation increases your chances of improving app engagement and being more profitable in the long run. 

Include a Social Sharing or Community Element

It is always important that you integrate social media platforms with your app. Social sharing is the best marketing plan to make other people also aware of your products and services.

You must have seen some apps like YouTube and Instagram, where you can share videos with your friends utilizing other social media platforms, such as WhatsApp and Skype.

With rising app engagement, you must also know how to measure app engagement. Then only you will get to see whether you are making the correct efforts or not. And if not, then you can make the right methods to enhance user engagement. For more information on the same, you can connect with the top mobile app development company in Canada, I Can Infotech. Whether you are a startup or an established business, the company will help you choose the right technology for your app that also aligns with your budget.