Sensor data capturing and analysis


Sensor data analytics is an analytics platform built to analyze the data streamed or collected from sensors and IoT devices. The data is analyzed to give insight into the current status of this device using different metrics build your own IOT data collection with available data touch points.

Best use case 

  • Vehicle data analysis 
  • Smart Buildings
  • Production control 
  • Smart wearables 
  • Smart Metering

Smart retail spaces development

Smart retail refers to the tech enablers between traditional shopping methods and modern “smart” technologies. Witht the help of Internet of Things, now retail spaces became more advanced and more customer friendly environments. As a result, customers will get  a more personalized, faster, and smarter experience

Best use case 

  • Fully automated grocery stores 
  • Store optimization via customer behavior analytics 
  • Smart shelves
  • NFC tagged based solutions

Advance wearable solution software development

Wearable application development is a game-changer in the technology market. It requires not only a simple but also an attractive look. Wearable app development services options has opened the door for great app ideas which can facilitate real-life day-to-day activities.

Best use case 

  • Sports Wearables Outlined
  • NFC Smart Ring
  • Gaming Simulator
  • Smart Shoes
  • Fitness tracker

Integration with signage for data displays

Show information from various IOT devices & sensors on screen. A perfect solution for manufacturing plants, laboratories, and industries that rely on inter-device interactivity.

We can integrate with all kinds of intelligent transportation software like Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVLS), Vehicle Dispatch System, and Depot Management Systems (DMS).

Get custom-built solutions like Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) for airports or general Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) for bus stops & railways.

Best use case 

  • Exhibitions
  • Schedules and Appointments
  • Public Transportation services
  • Live Transportation Update
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