In 2023, the IT staff augmentation trend is likely to continue to grow. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to supplement their in-house IT staff with outside help to reduce costs and stay ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape. By 2023, many companies will be utilizing a mix of permanent in-house staff and short-term, project-based IT staff augmentation

This will allow them to benefit from the expertise and cost savings of an outside provider while still keeping the strategic IT projects in-house. Additionally, cloud computing will allow companies to more easily access IT resources and personnel that can quickly be deployed to any project. IT staff augmentation services can help reinvigorate your workforce and accomplish your corporate goals faster and more efficiently. As technology continues to evolve, IT staff augmentation will remain an essential part of the IT landscape.

IT Staff Augmentation vs Freelancer Hiring

IT Staff Augmentation vs Freelancer Hiring

Using IT staff augmentation services is more cost-effective as compared to cost-saving. When you are looking to hire skilled coders from an IT staff augmentation company in Canada, you may find yourself paying more money to start as compared to individual freelancers. I Can Infotech offers a suite of IT staff augmentation services, providing IT Outsourcing Solutions to clients in need of additional manpower or technical expertise.

You are paying more money for hiring a software developer or other resources using staff augmentation because you are not giving task-based jobs which usually freelancers do. The staff augmentation provider typically covers those costs. They will pay for things like health insurance, taxes, laptops, sick leave & vacation leave. They may also cover costs such as employee perks, training, etc.

Key Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

  • Cost-Efficiency and Reduced Overhead Expenses
  • Access to Specialized Skills and Expertise
  • Increased Scalability and Flexibility

How to Choose the Right Staff Augmentation

how to choose right IT staff

  • Clarify your technical needs
  • Persevere for the right value/cost ratio
  • Evaluate different staff augmentation options
  • Better project security

Must have Capabilities for IT Staff Augmentation

Must have capabilities for IT Staff augmentation

  • Business domain knowledge is a must
  • The flexibility of scaling your team
  • Ongoing talent retention
  • Company culture & integration

Organizations looking for cost-effective solutions are leveraging staff augmentation to scale up or down as needed and get the same high-level expertise without having to pay for full-time employees. This ensures augmenting and extending the development capabilities and skills of the IT staff augmentation companies as well. This approach is especially beneficial for companies that operate in unpredictable markets, as they have access to a pool of experts who can quickly adjust to various projects and workflows.


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