Every industry is moving to become a software development company shortly because it needs to launch its independent software. They are cultivating their in-house developers but they are also looking for fresh talent, decrease development time, diminish operational costs, minimize expenses, and don’t want to spend time around training. Such conditions get in the software outsourcing development and staff augmentation process.

Obtaining your custom software development team is not as easy as you think; it is far above posting a job, executing interviews, hiring, and training. To excel in your team, you need to discover someone who understands your product vision, benefits your working patterns, mesh with your existing team, and provides the necessary expertise that your firm needs.

Getting Ready for the Future

Today, every business (irrespective of its size) is moving toward software development staff augmentation service. They supplement their in-house development team with a professional offshore development team such that they can drive their growth and meet market demands. Team should be hosting firm software development expertise along with the required soft skills to withhold a cooperative environment.

Role Selection Criteria

Before you, binge towards hiring staff augmentation services, get prepared for selecting favorable criteria. Below are the three selection criteria that help you decide which IT staff augmentation team will be ideal for expanding your business workflow.

Role Selection Criteria

Most In-Demand Software Development Staff Augmentation Skills

When you are all set to hire software development staff augmentation from an outsourcing company, where shall you start with? In this section, we tell you about what skills you should be looking for in the possible candidates.

Programming Languages:

A pro software developer must be suitable with the programming basics, i.e. the five primary programming languages that we’ll read up next. Also, they must be trained with the modern-day new languages. Having a keen learner quality is the prime aspect that a programmer must have. The primary five programming languages are the foundations of all modern languages. Here they are:

programming languages


Across the world, Javascript is the most popular programming language of all languages. You can develop extremely interactive websites and applications with Javascript just like several businesses of varied sizes do. It works on frontend and backend development as well and thus programmers use it for its simplicity and time reduction. One of the best examples of companies using Javascript for their application is Uber. They have improved their processing speed and remote procedure calls exponentially using Javascript.


The classic Object-Oriented programming language Java is the oldest and the most famous choice of software developers. Java is effortless to use and learn because of its garbage collection and memory allocation. Developers find running distributed computing flawless with Java as it has immense networking capability. Java enthusiasts have developed various eCommerce apps, android apps, and large-scale enterprise applications using Java.

Java keeps giant Operation Systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Businesses holding complex workflow need complicated software solutions and they turn up to Java for solutions. If you find yourself in one type of these business giants, then make sure that your offshore developers are pro with the Java programming language.


C is the oldest mid-level, general-purpose, programming language that is still respected in the world of software development. C++, C#, Java, E, etc. programming languages are developed on C fundamentals. Developers having a stronghold on C will be sure to grasp other programming languages effortlessly. Operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X have their kernels created in C language.


A high-level programming language that is equally popular amongst the developer community is Python programming language. It is built to improve the code readability over C in a few simple steps. There are pre-built support libraries that come along with the language setup that relieves the development time. Python developers use its package index which consists of numerous third-party modules built in different languages. Python has done its best to develop gaming apps, web apps, and desktop apps serving great functionality.

Technical Skills:

Your software development augmented staff must be equally skilled with technical skills to undertake your special projects offshore. These are the specialized skills for a software engineer that you should look for:

  • Algorithms & Data structures
  • Databases
  • Source Control

Soft Skills:

Most significantly, you should not overlook Soft Skills when hiring software development staff augmentation services because these can make or break your company. Soft Skills are interpersonal skills without which your group can not make a move. Software development is a team project and communication plays an essential role. Especially if you are a software development company, every teammate lays equal participation and responsibility for the project’s success.

Integrating Remote Developers with In-House Team

Integrating Remote Developers with In-house Team

Offshore mobile development staff augmentation surely offers your super-potential tech-skilled talent at a lower operational cost but it is not easy-peasy to cooperate with both your development teams. Our outbound team should be a good adopter of your organization’s culture and working patterns.

Now, to ensure that your extended development team fits well into your existing group of employees, you need to be an active member of the recruitment panel. Certainly, this is not feasible if you are hiring from an offshore location. There are several common myths about IT staffing services that you should clear out.

You can at any time scale down or scale up your software development team. Everything is alright, just that you should find a suitable staff augmentation software development company in Canada.


An IT staff augmentation company is your best friend when you want to maintain your in-house team along with developing custom software for your company with the help of external resources. Offshore developers are a wholesome package for your organization that has all the essential skills and knowledge to comprehend your project. 

I Can Infotech is the top IT staff augmentation company in Canada that will enable you to develop your custom application along with supporting a lean in-house development team with its outstanding staff augmentation services. Being aware of your skillset for recruiting talented developers offshore and learning the skills of IT team augmentation hires, nothing can prevent your business from excelling.