Facial Recognition and Access Control

Empower security and streamline access with intelligent facial recognition.
Introducing Cerberus, a groundbreaking mobile app powered by edge AI that revolutionizes access control for buildings and restricted areas. By leveraging the power of facial recognition technology, Cerberus empowers secure and efficient access management. Authorized personnel can seamlessly gain entry using their smartphones, while unauthorized individuals are promptly identified, enhancing overall security posture.

Here’s how Cerberus empowers access control


Secure Facial Recognition

Secure Facial Recognition

Utilize the power of edge AI for on-device facial recognition. Cerberus ensures real-time authorization decisions without compromising user privacy or relying on a central server.

Streamlined Access Management

Streamlined Access Management

Grant or revoke access privileges directly through the app. Cerberus allows for effortless user management and simplifies security protocols.

Enhanced Security Posture

Enhanced Security Posture

Deter unauthorized entry attempts and improve overall security with real-time facial recognition. Cerberus empowers you to create a safer environment.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Increased Operational Efficiency

Eliminate the need for physical access cards or keys. Cerberus fosters a more convenient and efficient access experience for authorized personnel.

The Power of Edge AI on Guard

On-Device Processing

Facial recognition occurs directly on the user’s smartphone using edge AI. This ensures user privacy by minimizing data transfer, fosters faster authorization times, and reduces reliance on a central server.

Lightweight and Secure

The edge AI processing capability minimizes battery drain and device strain. Cerberus is a secure and reliable access control solution.

Offline Functionality

The app maintains functionality even with limited internet connectivity. Cerberus stores facial recognition data locally on the device and synchronizes it later when reconnected.

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Cerberus: Designed for Seamless Integration

Simple Setup

The app offers a user-friendly interface for effortless integration with existing access control systems. Cerberus allows for quick deployment and intuitive access management

Scalable Courses

Cerberus caters to buildings and organizations of all sizes. We offer flexible plans that adapt to your specific security needs and number of personnel.

Robust Security Features

Cerberus prioritizes user privacy with multi-factor authentication and secure data encryption protocols.

Unlock the True Potential of Your Quality Control Process

Unlock the True Potential of Secure Access

Free Trial

Experience the transformative power of Cerberus with a free trial, and witness how it streamlines access control, enhances security, and empowers a more convenient user experience.

Expert Support

Our dedicated customer support team is readily available to guide you through the setup process, answer your questions, and ensure a smooth implementation.

Cerberus empowers you to leverage the power of facial recognition for secure access control. Enhance security, streamline access management, and create a safer environment for your personnel. Contact us today to learn more!
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