7 Digital-Transformation Trends to Watch

Digital transformation often is driven by customer expectations. It only makes sense for businesses to comply to thrive. It isn’t a fad that businesses can ignore.   1. Blockchain Blockchain has been around for years and is already used in different industries outside finance industries. We can only expect more businesses to join. With this

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What are the types of digital transformation

Types of digital transformation Digital transformation doesn’t mean the same thing for all companies, and viewing it as a one-size-fits-all process could be overwhelming. There are four main types of digital transformation that organizations should consider taking advantage of in their own transformation strategy. It’s critical to realize that digital transformation is not necessarily a

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How AI Is Transforming The Mobile App Development And User Experience

How AI Is Transforming The Mobile App Development And User Experience

AI stands for artificial intelligence and represents IT technology whereby computers can imitate human behavior and decision-making through complex machine learning algorithms. The concept of AI seemed very fictional not so long ago, but now it has become a mainstay in all our technology. The advancement of AI has brought a lot of innovation to

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5G - The backbone of the industrial Internet!

5G – The backbone of the industrial Internet

There has long been talking of a data-driven “fourth industrial revolution.” The platform’s backbone is now a reality. We are on the verge of realizing the long-promised benefits of cyber-physical industrial systems. The year 2019 will go down in history as the year that cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) finally got going.

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Health Care: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help

Health Care: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help!

  Whenever we hear the term “artificial intelligence” (AI), we imagine robots taking our jobs, making us obsolete. As AI-powered computers are programmed to make decisions with minimal human input, some wonder if they will soon replace our doctors in making difficult decisions. It’s important to separate fact from science fiction, says David B. Agus,

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AI is the Future of Analytics

AI in Analytics: How AI is Shaping Analytics in Future

AI is the Future of Analytics While analytics have been around for some time, they haven’t always been very accessible. Analytics expertise is expensive and the work is time-consuming. With artificial intelligence being applied to analytics, this is starting to change.  More businesses are recognizing the value of analytics, and AI analytics tools are starting

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AI Trends to Watch out for in 2021

3 AI (Artificial Intelligence) Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Artificial intelligence has been experiencing rapid growth for years, and the industry is expected to continue expanding throughout the 2020s. While consumers are already aware of certain high-profile implementations are AI, a variety of forward-thinking businesses and organizations are working on a wide range of innovative projects. In this article, we’ll take a look at

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AI Software

Bee-based AI software could power next-generation drones

Source: itpro Next-generation drones could be powered by artificial intelligence software inspired by how bees adapt to and navigate their surroundings, That’s because scientists from Sheffield University have demonstrated how they are reverse engineering bee brains to create a drone prototype that’s influenced by the flying insects’ ability to navigate accurately over several kilometres and learn environmental

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AI in Healthcare

AI in Healthcare: Independent Living for Consumers

Source : Tech News World Artificial intelligence applied to healthcare includes a collection of technologies that enable machines to sense, interpret, act and learn. AI implementations for digital health can be relatively simple when they are focused largely on personal patient engagement, or vastly complex when working with big data sets, highly specialized diagnostics, and

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Flying Cars to Hyper-loop

Flying Cars to Hyper-loop: A Review of Tech Predictions

Source : Gadgets360 Predicting the future is hard, even for the people with the most power to influence it. In 2013, Jeff Bezos said he expected Amazon.com Inc. would be delivering packages by drone in four to five years. Here we are seven years later, the flying delivery robots Bezos envisioned are still at the

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