Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two of the most transformative technologies that have the potential to revolutionize software development. They have already started to make an impact across various industries, and the software development industry is no exception.
The role of AI and ML in software development is only going to increase in the future. Developers who can leverage these technologies will be able to create more efficient, effective, and innovative software applications.

Here are some of the key roles that AI and ML can play in software development:

Automating Tasks

AI and ML can automate tasks such as code analysis, testing, and deployment, thereby reducing the time and effort required for these activities.


DeepCode is an AI-powered code review tool that uses machine learning to analyze and identify potential errors in the code. It also provides suggestions on how to improve code quality.


Kite is an AI-powered code completion tool that offers intelligent coding assistance. It suggests relevant code snippets and fixes errors in real-time.