How Super-apps can Changing Mobile Marketing Landscape

How Super-apps are Changing Mobile Marketing Landscape

Single-purpose apps that have dominated the market for the past decade, super apps span multiple verticals, creating a “one-stop-shop” app where users can perform many different tasks. Many of the most popular super apps in many countries like Canada, USA, India started with a single goal of encouraging uptake and mass use to cover a

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Software Development Staff Augmentation Skills

Most In-Demand Software Development Staff Augmentation Skills

Every industry is moving to become a software development company shortly because it needs to launch its independent software. They are cultivating their in-house developers but they are also looking for fresh talent, decrease development time, diminish operational costs, minimize expenses, and don’t want to spend time around training. Such conditions get in the software

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FIFA Goals

FIFA’s 9 Goals for This World Cup

Goal 1: MODERNISE THE REGULATORY FRAMEWORK Review the international match calendar with a global method Reform the transfer system Analyse the Laws of the Game for their possible optimization Introduce mechanisms to protect football stakeholders Goal 2: GROW REVENUES FOR RE­INVESTMENT Ensure prime commercialization of our new competition ­ Develop our brand globally Explore growth

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10 Tips to Hire Dedicated Developer for Your Project The procedure of developing smart device apps is time-consuming and pricey. It is therefore crucial to have a high return on investment. A mobile app development company in Canada can take your business to new heights if its developers are dedicated to the project. Further, if the apps reach with an efficient design that’s

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