People love to travel, and that’s why the travel industry happens to be among the top revenue-generating industries. And nowadays, every travel business is eagerly cashing in on the trend of travel apps. They offer amazing features such as quick hotel booking, flight booking, a tour guide, easy online payments, and much more. After all, more is needed than just a mobile website in the tech-savvy world we live in.

The travel industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors. Whenever people plan a trip, a travel app is an unmatched option for them. While traveling, this app becomes a problem solver and a reliable companion.

Top Mobile App Ideas To Enter In The Travel Industry

If you are planning to enter the travel industry, you need an appealing and innovative idea. As the best mobile app development company in Toronto, Many famous travel apps repurpose their old concepts with some exclusive new additions. Below, I have suggested a few travel app ideas to help you develop your business.

Hotel Reservation App

Hotel Reservation App​

A hotel booking app helps users find and reserve accommodation during trips. It gives access to hotel accommodations according to the places they plan to travel to. Using this app, users can search for accommodations like homestays, couch-surfing, or hotel rooms.

This app offers many choices; hence, users can choose a property according to their requirements. They can search for hotels from the app and use filters like pricing, facilities, and client reviews to select a place according to their choice. A hotel booking app works for both users and travel operators.

Flight Booking App Development

This app allows its users to find flights to the location they want to travel to. The app can be useful in finding the upcoming flights to that location, seat availability, and flight fare. The app also allows tracking flights on a phone map, by number and airport or route. Users can check for conditions like weather, current delays, check-in, boarding, take-off, and landing time. The app offers the necessary information. Here the mobile app can be made available via Android, iPhone, Apple Watch, and the web.

Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

bus ticket booking

Same to Flight Booking, there can be apps for Bus Ticket booking. Many destinations are easily covered via bus. Some people even have flight phobia, so for these reasons, there can be a bus-ticket booking app that allows users to find the available buses to their destination quickly, ticket availability, boarding time, departure time, preferable departure station, and a lot more helpful information an app can offer.

Nowadays, people do not prefer making a physical visit to the bus stations to book their tickets as mobile apps allow easy booking within minutes. Thus, this again can be a valuable app idea for the travel business.

Language Translation App for Travel

Language Translation App for Travel

You can consider this travel app category while delving into the tourism sector. A travel app for language serves as a translator for various languages, which users cannot even speak. It allows users to translate between texts and languages.

Moreover, this app enables users to click images to change the text in various languages according to their needs. It works in both online and offline modes and allows users to translate into multiple languages.

Audio Tour Mobile App

This is more like having an audio guide in your pocket, where you have a personal tour guide-like experience wherever you go. The eCommerce app development company tells about the most interesting attractions in the city, like museums, gardens, cafes, restaurants, etc. And it works for many cities in the world. Several such apps are present in the app market, but it is all about offering something unique the other to take you to the top.

The app works as an audio guide for planning a sightseeing trip or a museum visit. Each tour is packed with checkpoints, maps, photo galleries, high-quality audio & videos, etc. Users can even be offered the option to download the tours in advance as they can use the maps & content even when offline.

Gas & Charging Station Finder App

Many times, people face hard times finding gas & charging stations on their way, but a Gas & Charging station finder app will completely sort this issue. Travelers require to download the gas & charging station finder app to find the stations on their way to their destination. This is mainly helpful when someone is on the highway on their own, and especially when traveling with kids, taking care of these aspects becomes pivotal.

App for Accessing Local Public Transport

App idea for travel Business

When you travel to a new place you get cheated often by cab drivers and you end up hiring cabs when local transport is available nearby. To help with this lack of knowledge about a new city and its local public transportation, you can come up with a traveler-friendly app.

The same app should also help the user with information on car-sharing, bike rental, inter-city or inter-state bus services, train routes, and various passes. The app should also inform the user about the specific places and stops they should visit and the ones they already visited.


At a time when everything in our lives became digital, travelers are likely to go for travel apps for their on-the-road needs. All these travel app ideas clearly explain how today’s travelers try to find almost every kind of help during travel right on their mobile devices. These ideas just offer a brief outline and you can always extend these ideas with unique features. You can contact us for your next travel app project and get the best expertise and competitive rate.