Sunlight technology

New Technologies to Extract Clean Fuel From Sunlight

Source : scitechdaily Securing enough energy to meet human needs is one of the greatest challenges society has ever faced. Previously reliable sources–oil, gas and coal–are degrading air quality, devastating land and ocean and altering the fragile balance of the global climate, through the release of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, earth’s rapidly industrializing

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IoT to Tackle Mental Health Issues

Using IoT to Tackle Mental Health Issues

Source : Tech Trends School children are using Internet of Things technology to tackle mental health challenges. The Longitude Explorer Prize, run by innovation foundation Nesta and supported IBM, aims to inspire students to tackle a modern challenge through innovative use of technology, and this year 60 per cent of the finalists have chosen to focus on combating mental health

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What Is Artificial Emotional Intelligence & How Does Emotion AI Work

What Is Artificial Emotional Intelligence & How Does Emotion AI Work?

Source : search engine journal Imagine a world in which machines interpret the emotional state of humans and adapt their behavior to give appropriate responses to those emotions. Well, artificial emotional intelligence, which is also known as emotion AI or affective computing, is already being used to develop systems and products that can recognize, interpret,

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